Groundhog Eve update

No big news,  but since everyone’s been so gracious (and complimentary) about all this, I figured I’d check in.

Here’s what’s happening . . . plus a little (perhaps too)  detailed background on this comedy of healthcare. (Extracted from an email sent to behind-the-curve Dan Kennedy.)

My current hospitalization is part of a chain of fuck-ups. Have “lesion” (i.e. tumor) in throat. Localized but in a bad place considering that I have so much internal scarring from my earlier treatment. Had video swallow last week. Was scheduled to have tissue taken for biopsy and feeding tube put in on Wednesday. Storm cancelled that, giving me time to aspirate what little solid food I could eat. This, in turn, allowed me to contract pneumonia. Friday morning I crashed and spent a hellish day getting in here and the hydration IV that brought me back to the land of the allegedly living.

Yesterday, they took the biopsy sample, but my throat was too constricted to pass the surgical fiber-optics gear they wanted to drop into my stomach. (Very costly to lose it down there.) So now I’ll have that procedure tomorrow — with the help of the interventional radiology department, who have alternative methods of planting feeding tubes. Today’s good. I’m on an unrestricted liquid diet — which reaches all the way to cream of wheat. Tasted horrible, felt good. And better yet, I can chug Boost nutrition supplement and get calories. As a result, I feeling so much better I could cakewalk over the to sink to shave.

So all this crap is the result to the initial storm delay; cancer treatment to come. Alas. I’m so, so glad I live in one of the world’s major medical centers. Can’t praise the B&W docs and nurses enough.

More after the anastesia wears off.

And thanks again for the often unrequited FB and email attention. If armies of friends cured cancer . . .

  1. We do.

  2. Thinking of you Clif and sending best wishes.

  3. I’m holding you in thought and prayer. Thank you for inviting us to join you, to be there with you. That is quite a gift. Thank you.

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